All I want to say is the canucks played forever, but at the end, after almost 80 minutes of overtime


Twin Power!!

augmented by Ohlund Swede Power.

The best part was Henrik Sedin after the game saying “I felt better the longer the game went. I got my legs going in the fifth and sixth periods.” Are you serious? The other Sedin and Jeff Cowan also were said to have stepped up their game the longer it went. If you don’t know hockey the first game was the equivalent of more than 2 games back-to-back


Bad news for Canucks fans though is we lost three forwards in the first playoff game. To go all the way to taking home Lord Stanley’s Mug, we’re going to have to slow that rate down alot. Nobody has won the Cup with a bench full of call-ups before.

I recommend a strategy of scoring 5 or 6 back-breaking goals in the first period and then retreating into a casual, yet focused defensive shell for the rest of the game. Try it.