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Milly Can Rap (and more)

There's a lot of hip hop going on this year. This was not planned, although it has been engineered, but still. I'm surprised. And excited.One notable thing has been the video for Nobody's Perfect, which

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Yeah, I’m Liking it Raw

I just did my first show at Boom Chicago last night. My first prime time show in their new space at the Rozen Theatre. And though I ended up just rehearsing during the day and

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Freelancing grand designs

The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. ~ Robert BenchleyMoving to Amsterdam has involved a whole lot of lifestyle change - and not just because I now

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The Brussels Surprise (featuring Paul Foxcroft)

We did not see the Grand PlaceBrussels is not known for being a dynamic city. In fact, its international relationship is more or less just: chocolate, pissing statue, many beers, source of banana regulations, near Paris, and boringness.Having just retu...

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November: Marbles in Brussels and Bedford

In November there will be other people to do Marbles Improv with!After September's awesome Amsterdam adventure, Marbles is going on the road again. This time to two cities beginning with 'B'.It is my fervent hope that for December I can track down some...

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Back from Brussels, refreshed

It's a long story..Marbles spent a weekend in Brussels, and boy did we ever! Three workshops (me Saturday and Sunday, Dave on Saturday) and four shows (two intermediate student shows - which Dave also played in,

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