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Hey Amsterdam: CRUMBS are coming!

If you don't recognize these guys, you need to read onSooooo, Amsterdam. CRUMBS are coming.That's right, the improv superduo from Canada's hinterlands and multiple European tours are finally coming back to Amsterdam. And I'm organising

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David Shore’s making waves!

A recent article in the Guardian on Canadian improviser and improv teacher David Shore has stirred up a lot of feeling among the London improv community. And by 'feeling' I mean 'indignant anger'. The article,

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Gimme Indie Rock

Let's face it: your Monday could probably be improved by Noah 23's great 'Gimme Indie Rock' mixtape. Noah, a Canadian underground hip-hop stalwart, messes with a bunch of indie rock, rapping overtop of Pavement, Modest

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Stephen Harper, shit-doer

Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada, is quantifiably a terrible human being. The website Shit Harper Did is a harrowing catalogue of things that Stephen Harper has done during his tenure as Prime Minister

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Canadian Election, British Protests

ImagelinkOn March 26th 500,000 people marched through the streets of London against the savage cuts the current coalition government has been undertaking without any mandate whatsoever. Led by David Cameron and incompetently supported by the

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I Have Been Roman Around

After the last six months of intense Roman Around, it has come to an end. By 'end' I mean 'hiatus'. One that's been a long time coming. Especially considering that I've spent the last couple

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Canada in London: Doughnuts & Coffee

ImagelinkI was asked by the folks at Visit London to write about Canada in London. At first I considered visiting the 'go-to' Canadian establishment, The Maple Leaf in Covent Garden. I didn't, but I'm sure

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Canada Day: London Edition

ImagelinkI'm on my way down to Trafalgar Square to celebrate some Canada Day at the redundantly titled 'Canada Day: It's a Canadian Affair' celebrations.As Canada tries to shake off its tired image of being a

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Ryan Millar Skateboarding

This guy shares my name and love of skateboarding. But this Ryan Millar is from Winnipeg, and rips shit on his skateboard, all over town, all the time. He has a big bag of tricks

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