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Dancing for Office at Homebrewed

My friend Greg Wohead, (artist/writer/Texan) invited me to recount a tale at the launch of Homebrewed, his new storytelling night. And I did. It was at LXV Books in Bethnal Green. It's a sidenote, as

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Free Blogger Italy

LinkItaly, not generally renowned for shrewd governance, is planning to really take their reputation for asinine and retrogressive political decisions to the next level.To whit: There is a law before the Culture Committtee of the

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Suggestion: Election Night Activity

Sound Wave, via OddeeCrazy obsessed about the US Election happening today? Me too. Dying to find out the results. Larry David feels your pain. Here's some stuff you can do while (or instead of) obsessively

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Vote for Hope – Obama ’08

MC Yogi drops some smooth, sincere lyrics on the need for change. Catchy beat, slick flow, and great animation. As far as I'm concerned this is about the 600 trillionth* reason to vote for Barack

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Oh No! Berlusconi!

Dear Italia,Che cazzo pensavate!! Mamma mia! Questo risulto e' inexcusabile. Adesso siete in guai, molto piu' grave di prima. Sono incazzate. Non posso continuare. Ma, sono fortunato che non vivo in Italia ancora.RyanBerlusconi? Again? You've

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Barack is your new bike

Without getting into any explanation or political opining, I just wanted to pass this on to you:Barack Obama is your new bicycle. Count the ways...

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Canada loves American elections

These elections in America are going to be so great for Canada!At the end of this two-year-long Campaign Season, there will be a new president. Two years is a long time to be saturated with

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Racist Belgian Radio

Addendum:Shit. In all my ranting about politics I forgot a particularly fucked up country with retards trying to run it. It's called Belgium and I live here. Belgium has gone over six months since their

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Politics as usual

Let's just take a look back over what's been going on with some of the heads of state in the western world. Just sort of a quick look-over of some threads of interest.Vladimir Putin held

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