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The Power Force fight – video

Well-described by Justin the Phantom on Youtube:"The funniest stage fight of all time? Andy Blumenthal and Henry Colens lock horns in Award-winning playwright Ryan Millar's The Power Force. Also starring Carrie Ellwanger and Oana Uiorean.

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Cafe Theatre: Sophomore Bump

I'm so tired today I can't really remember that much about last night except vague snippets of it: warm feelings and belly laughs, autographing copies of my book, which sold like warmcakes, and smiles and

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Cafe Theatre: Opening Night

Holy Crap. I was a nervous wreck last night before the show. Friends and colleagues came. I sat sipping beer all clam-palmed and shifty-eyed. I accepted my award for winning the competition and then scampered

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The Power Force: out of my hands

The dress rehearsal came and went with enough of a shaky start to give me hope for the 'crappy dress, great opening' theatre adage to come true. But, thanks to the wily brilliance of the

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Power Force: Mission Engage

Tonight is dress rehearsal. This afternoon is spent preparing things: manuscripts, notebooks, and other ephemera associated with publishing-as-I-imagine-it.Plus getting a haircut. Hoo-boy, do I need to get a haircut.And then tomorrow night, rain or shine,

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Power Force takes wobbly first steps

The relatively awesome play I wrote goes up next week in a real theatre, serving real food, with a real audience. Great. Get a ticket.I'm excited. And super nervous. Of course I seek validation for

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The week

Photolink Sigh. If only life were always that easy. Alas two days after the Annual Report had been signed sealed and delivered, a late (and irrelevant and unhelpful) remark from one on high threatens to

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