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Countdown to Edinburgh Fringe 2011

ImagelinkIn just one week's time I'll be back in Edinburgh for another kick at the Edinburgh Fringe. You may remember last year's encounter with the fringe as a thoroughly exhausting, and deeply rewarding experience.And so,

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Cycling London on a Boris Bike

PhotocreditI'm a people person. So you'd be forgiven for thinking that I like to spend a bunch of hours a day standing nose-to-shoulder on the bus or tube.I don't though.What I do like is getting

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An Edinburgh Fringe Moment

ImagelinkFrom my Edinburgh Fringe notes of August 7, 2010.I arrived at Fringe Central early – at around nine, as has become my custom. I was seated, coffee in one hand, stapler in the other, with

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The Warehouse in Brussels

When I arrived at The Warehouse Theatre in Brussels on Friday evening I was struck by the size of the stage. It's huge. Without any backdrop curtain the theatre is absurdly deep. And it's always

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Portrait of a Tour Guide

There's a 'Portrait' of me in this week's Brussels Unlimited, a "weekly listings magazine highlighting the best of arts, entertainment, TV and film." I think I fall under the 'arts' and 'entertainment' categories.It's written in

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Roman Around… to Brussels

ImagelinkExciting news for anyone who is interested in Roman Around, and especially those who "like" the show.Roman Around: A Guided Tour of the Eternal City will be showing in Brussels for two nights only. December

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I Have Been Roman Around

After the last six months of intense Roman Around, it has come to an end. By 'end' I mean 'hiatus'. One that's been a long time coming. Especially considering that I've spent the last couple

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Roman Around: Reviews

They say 'never read your reviews'. I always thought that was because if the reviews were bad, it could throw your confidence and affect future performances, etc.That's true, but there's also a flip side: getting

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