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In Rome

Well, as far as a holiday goes, this isn't very relaxing. But we have managed to do a whole lot of visiting, eating, and shopping - for presents mostly, for the celebrants we are here

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10 Great Things about going to Rome

PhotolinkFamiglia: We'll be seeing the whole Italian side of the family. I like them.Pizza: How about some real thin crust pizza alla Romana? With Bufala mozzarella? And fried stuff beforehand? And a beer? OK.Espresso: Come

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Doughs to Rome

LinkI've lately been experiencing a resurgence in my Italophiliacity. It's in my blood, it's in my bones. The allure of the culture, the sounds, the smells, ebbs and flows. Right now it's flowing.Fever dreams of

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A virtual “Road to (ancient) Rome”

Image from BBCGoogle has constructed a virtual ancient Rome as part of Google Earth, so you can zoom around Caesar's Forum and Trajan's Market, seeing them as Trajan, Caesar, and the millions of Roman citizens

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Get wedded

Sunday 25 May was unlike any other Sunday in recent memory. I was in Rome with Chiara, which wasn't unusual. The weather was beautiful which also wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that Chiara and

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Red Trevi

Rome's beautiful and historic Trevi Fountain was the subject of an artistic intervention on Friday. The previously unheard of Futurist Action 2007 claimed responsibility for the action, a protest against the expenses incurred for the

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AS Roma rocks you like a hurricane

Serie A and Champions League has started, and Roma went into both competitions with high expectations, and something to prove.Italian Serie A and the European Champions League have started, and AS Roma went into both

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Awesome: I Fuckin’ Watched That!

PhotolinkThe Roma Cinema Fest is happening. It's taking place at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, which is an amazing complex that usually offers little programming for my tastes, and little opportunity to explore it. But

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