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Return to the Edinburgh Fringe

For two shows only, I'll be at the 2014 Edinburgh FringeI'm pleased to announce, more or less more officially (I'm pretty sure a blogpost qualifies as an official channel), that I'll be back in Edinburgh

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The Pitch & The Fest

This Saturday night I'll be performing The Pitch as part of Amsterdam's RemiFestival of Solo Improvisation. I have to say the more I perform this show the more I love it. It's film-based, highly interactive,

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More than a few improv happenings

This is the view from the place where I'll be "working" in July. Impro Hotel! 2014 is looking good. I mean that in a general way, and specifically in an improv-centric way. I'm already looking at

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Peter More and Ryan Millar with back-to-back solo improv shows.Two movies for the price of one!I think we can all agree that it's been a pretty January-like January so far. And now that it's drawing

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The Pitch unveiled!

Pitching The Pitch to a rowdy crowd (Photo: Ed Calderhead)I debuted my long-awaited (at least by me) new solo improv show last Saturday.I've been scheming on The Pitch for quite awhile now almost a year

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Improv in the Amsterdam Free Fringe

Last scene of the night. Photo by Lieor van OsWe kicked off the Amsterdam Free Fringe last night with an improv show at Mezrab. It was an informal assemblage of accomplished performers from different pockets of the

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