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A Tuesday fountain

The other day (the one before yesterday) was not only a Tuesday, it was pretty much the best day I've had in Amsterdam. Certainly work-wise. I've discovered that sometimes work comes in a painful trickle,

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November: Marbles in Brussels and Bedford

In November there will be other people to do Marbles Improv with!After September's awesome Amsterdam adventure, Marbles is going on the road again. This time to two cities beginning with 'B'.It is my fervent hope that for December I can track down some...

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The Warehouse in Brussels

When I arrived at The Warehouse Theatre in Brussels on Friday evening I was struck by the size of the stage. It's huge. Without any backdrop curtain the theatre is absurdly deep. And it's always

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I Have Been Roman Around

After the last six months of intense Roman Around, it has come to an end. By 'end' I mean 'hiatus'. One that's been a long time coming. Especially considering that I've spent the last couple

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Roman Around: Reviews

They say 'never read your reviews'. I always thought that was because if the reviews were bad, it could throw your confidence and affect future performances, etc.That's true, but there's also a flip side: getting

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Pajama Men on a Train

ImagelinkThe Pajama Men last is great comedy theatre - which is why I was barely able to procure a solitary leaning post at the back of the Soho Theatre on a Tuesday night during their

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Who is John Driver?

LinkThe knock on the door seems a little too hard, as if bruising to the knuckles. The door opens and 'internal candidate' John Driver strides into the interview room. He is smartly dressed and smiling

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