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Roma, Make it Derby Tonight

ImagelinkIt's on. Tonight. The real deal. The Roman Derby. Sure, the World Cup will be exciting and all that, but for today it's all about the Derby della Capitale. Just to get a sense of

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The Roman Derby

Link There's a derby going on this weekend. I'm going to miss it.You know who's not going to miss it? Francesco Totti.That guy would play on crutches, if need be. Daje Roma!If you're interested in

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AS Roma seek to slay giants

OK. The day is upon us. CRonaldo and WRooney and co. are coming to the Stadio Olimpico to take on a Totti-less AS Roma. Chris' Offside match preview here.It looks like trouble. A tremendous challenge,

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Forza Roma

Grande Roma! What a game last night. What a performance by Totti, Aquilani, De Rossi, Tonetto, Doni, Vucinic, um, everybody. Fucking awesome.If offside goals don't count (and actually they don't) then Roma went to Madrid's

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AS Roma is still awesome

I have been guilty of not writing to hype up my favorite football team in quite a while. Let's change that shall we?Roma lost the first leg of their Super Coppa tie to Torino away

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AS Roma rocks you like a hurricane

Serie A and Champions League has started, and Roma went into both competitions with high expectations, and something to prove.Italian Serie A and the European Champions League have started, and AS Roma went into both

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