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The joys of movement

Whenever I picture Amsterdam, it's sunny and I'm on my bike.This scenario (the sunshine part) could be borne out in reality more frequently, but still it's an often-enough occurrence, and certainly pleasant enough, to warrant

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October and its adventures

October always has an orange hueGreat news: it's October!October is a fine month, smoothing what would otherwise be a devastating monthly turn from September's post-summer reverie straight into the cold clutches of November. So thanks

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Brussels + Marbles = This Weekend

By a wide margin, Ryan wins the race to see who can cross their arms first.Three nights, two workshops, two shows, and one hotel room. This will be Marbles Improv on the road. In Brussels. It is

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A Visit to Edinburgh

ImagelinkI'm not sure how much of this warm feeling has to do with the fact that we were 'on holiday', but damn is Edinburgh a nice place to be.We stayed just off Broughton Street, right

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Taking off for Christmas

ImagelinkAllegedly we're flying out to Rome on Monday morning at 7:30am, but the weather here and in Italy is cold. And snowy. It could take a whole lot of waiting at Heathrow before we get

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In Rome

Well, as far as a holiday goes, this isn't very relaxing. But we have managed to do a whole lot of visiting, eating, and shopping - for presents mostly, for the celebrants we are here

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Where’s home for the holidays?

It is 15 December, which means we are already into the 12 days of Christmas, depending on when you start flipping open the chocolate doors of your advent calendar. So far I have had four

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Post Xmas

We've just arrived home after another night on the train, preceded by two nights in Italy, preceded by a previous night on the train. Things have steadily improved since that first night on the train,

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