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This Sunday afternoon I’ll be at Boom Chicago, doing solo improv as part of the Comedy Experiment. Improvising solo is some of my favorite kinds of improv. What I love about it is how scary

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Chasing Bold Ideas

I’m an ideas guy. They’re not always good ideas. Some are weird. Some are crazy. And I don’t always follow through on them. But, even still, I’m proud of my status of being an ideas

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The Push-up challenge

I'm gearing up to do an Australian push-up challenge. It's technically called "The Push-up Challenge". This is with my friend and ex-colleague Robbert. He moved to Australia and has gone full Aussie. He and I

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Representing at Impro EM

I had the joy and delight of being in Munich for the Impro EM Tournament of Improv Masters (I know: it sounds great. And it was). I represented Ireland (that's another story). And the cool

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On Connected Conversations for Creatives

I recently had the pleasure of guesting on Jennifer Carr's excellent podcast Connected Conversations with Creatives. In the episode, I talk a lot about my book The Confident Presenter and how I ended up writing

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On making things and mistakes

  As a mistake enthusiast, or at least a mistake-prone human, I love this quote. Full disclosure: Magee says “man” instead of “person” but indeed we all make mistakes. At my new job I’ve had

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Interview in IdeaMensch

Hey! I have an interview in Idea Mensch! IdeaMensch, if you don't know it, is, as they say,  "an interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and doers. Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas

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