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Alphabet of the City

PHOTO CREDIT: Jessica Hast / Unsplash For two weeks I’ve been biking across Amsterdam twice a day. Once in the morning to take my five-year-old to camp by the Vondelpark. And once again

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The secret to creativity

PHOTO: Tosab Photography/ Unsplash The secret to creativity is being okay with making lots of bad art. Basically, you need the ability to put many ideas out into the world (at least onto

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Coaching vs managing: questions are the key

Photo by Medienstürmer on Unsplash Last week I facilitated an online session on coaching for managers. I saw firsthand how the “managers’ mindset” is often to jump straight to problem-solving, without taking the time to

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A mugful of words to live by

I just spent a big chunk of time back in Canada, visiting family and generally digging my roots back into the soil. While there, my mom gave me an old mug of mine she'd clearly

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Reaching out to make contact

Though not as extroverted in reality as I present, I definitely am an extrovert. I like people. I thrive on social contact. And years into pandemia, I don't get enough of it. But this year

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Getting a writing community

Last fall, I inherited a writing group on Meetup. It's a place for writing and storytelling workshops, which is something I've done a lot fo, and want to do more of. Great! So to get

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