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Dancing for Office at Homebrewed

My friend Greg Wohead, (artist/writer/Texan) invited me to recount a tale at the launch of Homebrewed, his new storytelling night. And I did. It was at LXV Books in Bethnal Green. It's a sidenote, as

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Hate Violence, Love Vancouver

(Rich Lam/Getty Images)The Canucks were outplayed at home and lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins 4-0. Not even a goal to cheer for in the last game. How depressing.I wish that was

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Trying to Travel on Easter

ImagelinkThanks to Jesus' late-April resurrection and Kate and Wills' impending nuptials, late April is a glorious logjam of bank holidays. The significance of the propinquity of these crucial events can only mean one (or two)

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Canucks: Hockey Time!

ImagelinkLike every other Canucks fan I'm happy the Canucks are playing Chicago again this year. It's an opportunity for redemption. Or revenge. Or both.I'm thrilled about it for both of these reasons and one more

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Canada Owns the Damn Podium

The global image of polite and unassuming Canadians is being sorely tested by the quest for Olympic glory. Hosting the Olympics is supposed to be a great honour for a city. Scroll these 60 key

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Team Canada’s Olympic Welcome

ImagelinkI'm psyched about my hometown being the centre of international sport, bonhomie, and patriotic zest. On the other hand I worry Vancouver may have sold out personal privacy, the homeless, civic funding, artistic and journalistic

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Canucks playoff hype – video

PhotolinkThe Vancouver Canucks are playing hungry, hard-hitting hockey, and growing big playoff beards. I'm excited and I believe.Otherwise, I would never ever get up before 6 in the morning. Particularly not on a weekend, unless

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