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Rotate your Owl

If you've got an owl, you've just got to rotate it. I always suspected it, but now know it empirically. Thanks science!

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Astronautilus – Contrails (Video)

Astronautilus went to Vancouver and made a video with Tegan Quinn (of Tegan & Sara). Click through and enjoy. If you're looking for more Astronautilus, head over to YouTube and check out some of his

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John Arne Riise: Making sandwiches

Roma's short-sleeved, left-footed wingback John Arne Riise is heading to Fulham.The reason that is important is the video you'll see if you click through. It is a JAR tribute that will blow your mind.Thanks to

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Skateboarding and dog ownership are, independently, pretty awesome things. If your dog can skateboard, well, that's the pinnacle of coolness.Until dogboarding came along. Turns out owning a dog that is a skateboard beats owning a

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John Lennon/NYC/On and on

ImagelinkOn October 9th 2010 John Lennon would have been 70. Of course, he didn't live that long. This month there's a lot of reflecting on the musical genius and cultural icon. What could have been,

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Skateboard Shakedown

You know why I love skateboarding? Because it's so much fun. Especially when you're working on your best tricks and your silliest shtick. Not Jackass pranks, just clowning around with your friends, and ripping some

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Flying on Green Wings

ImagelinkJust finished watching two seasons (plus 90-minute special) of Green Wing. It takes place in a hospital - and involves a lot of surreal character comedy and pretty much zero hospital-type stuff. It's weird, human,

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Awesome Skateboard Animation

Click through to see the coolest skateboarding video ever made. Simply titled 'Skateboardanimation', it is, in a word, brilliant. And clocking in at 1 minute 32 seconds, it is witty in its soulful brevity. I

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A very Dylan Christmas

ImagelinkAnd I'm not talking about Dylan Thomas's 'A Child's Christmas in Wales'. Although that is also a worthwhile Dylan-Christmas intiative.I'm referring to Bob Dylan polkaing the Christmas classic "Must be Santa." Click through and check

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