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Amazing wedding photos

Our friend Leanne, who happens to be an amazing wedding photographer, put together this advance slideshow of some of wedding photos. It's for Chiara and I, on the eve of our honeymoon.I'm not sure that

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On marriage

I have been married for 6 weeks. So far it's alright, I mean, sure it's a drag, what with all the bills bills bills, and yes dear, no dear, and no relief except for one

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Wedding photos

Here's one photo from our wedding. There are many more circulating out there, but only Geordie has gotten them all up on flickr, so I have limited access to these wonderful photos. As you can

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Get wedded

Sunday 25 May was unlike any other Sunday in recent memory. I was in Rome with Chiara, which wasn't unusual. The weather was beautiful which also wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that Chiara and

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All Millar, no filler

The rest of the family is here. My favorite, is my nephew Roan. In fact he's everybody's favorite so no feelings were hurt in the making of this designation. My day off yesterdya was pretty

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Family comes

My sister and her boyfriend Jay arrived on Sunday. The awesome times have just been coming fast and furious. I thought there would be more adjustment time or more of a shock adapting to seeing

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