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A Cosmic Lack of Productivity

When everything breaks down there's that much more time to ponder the universeI'm busy now. In a good way. I've got a mix of client-work, self-generated stuff, shows to produce, gigs to perform in, and

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Boy this work’s hard!

Pretty good words to live byWhat I've ascertained from 2013, my first year of self-employment is this: it's difficult. Not impossibly so, but damn is it stressful.Sure, there are plenty of ups. Like not having

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Thanks August, hello September.

August is often a holiday month. But for me it has been pretty busy. With work! I wouldn't quite say that this month has "inspired reverence or admiration" or encapsulated "supreme dignity or grandeur". But

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Reluctant Administrative Hero

In movie lore, the archetype of the reluctant hero must be drawn out of their daily routine and forced to do something they can't do, something they detest and causes them to crumple. But in

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No, YOU’RE redundant! (In a good way?)

re·dun·dant[ri-duhn-duhnt]  Show IPAadjective1.characterized by verbosity or unnecessary repetition inexpressing ideas; prolix: a redundant style.2.being in excess; exceeding what is usual or natural: a redundant part.3.having some unusual or extra part or feature.4.characterized by superabundance or superfluity: lush,redundant vegetation.(via Dictionary.com)I don't know much about the field of Human Resources, but I do imagine that telling someone they're redundant (if you use meaning 1 or 2 above) can create some negative feelings.However, if

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The Job Hunter

ImagelinkArtie hit backspace. Twice. Then he pressed it again and held it down, watching the parade of letters recede. He glanced over to the front door of his studio flat. When his eyes jerked back

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Job Interview

It is sometimes suggested that the best time to look for a job is when you already have one. Agreed. After moving to Brussels sans travaille I spent two months keeping one eye on the

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