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Writing + Improv – a winning combo

Preparing to improvise a potato pasta-based scene for the cameraI just wrapped shooting on a short film a couple of weeks ago. It's a supernatural horror film, and the story is wonderful and haunting.But when

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Yeah, I’m Liking it Raw

I just did my first show at Boom Chicago last night. My first prime time show in their new space at the Rozen Theatre. And though I ended up just rehearsing during the day and

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Freelancing grand designs

The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. ~ Robert BenchleyMoving to Amsterdam has involved a whole lot of lifestyle change - and not just because I now

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November: Marbles in Brussels and Bedford

In November there will be other people to do Marbles Improv with!After September's awesome Amsterdam adventure, Marbles is going on the road again. This time to two cities beginning with 'B'.It is my fervent hope that for December I can track down some...

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Brussels + Marbles = This Weekend

By a wide margin, Ryan wins the race to see who can cross their arms first.Three nights, two workshops, two shows, and one hotel room. This will be Marbles Improv on the road. In Brussels. It is

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Iron Cobra in London(!)

London is about to get a Canadian Improv invasion. I've been here for some time doing some groundwork and getting things organized, and now it's time roll out a some heavy-duty Canadiana.This weekend, it's a

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Impromptu!: BXL Improv workshop

I'm preparing to deliver another set of delightful improv teachings for beginners in Brussels. Tell your friends. Tell yourself. Come together.Ryan Millar will be teaching another improv comedy workshop on June 13-14 and 20-21, from

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Rock Paper Scissors Delivered

My workshop entitled Rock Paper Scissors: Management Tool, Leadership Strategy went down this morning.PROS: It's an excellent presentation. Thoroughly researched. Meticulously prepared powerpoint visuals. Suitable for large groups.CONS: Participants were unfamiliar with meetings that require

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