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Words, words, words

Words. That's how people communicate. With their mouths, their minds, their keyboards and even their pens. Mouthing the sounds or drawing the shapes of letters that together form words. These words, once written or spoken,

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Some favourite posts from 2013

Good old world, still suspended in space and rotating consistentlyIt's already the end of the year. Congratulations world, on carrying on through another cycle.As for me, I thought I'd use the end of the year

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Thanks August, hello September.

August is often a holiday month. But for me it has been pretty busy. With work! I wouldn't quite say that this month has "inspired reverence or admiration" or encapsulated "supreme dignity or grandeur". But

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Writing + Improv – a winning combo

Preparing to improvise a potato pasta-based scene for the cameraI just wrapped shooting on a short film a couple of weeks ago. It's a supernatural horror film, and the story is wonderful and haunting.But when

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A business – me? Yes.

Yesterday afternoon I made it official. I'm now a business.After all this time in Amsterdam being a reluctant administrative hero, and setting some grand designs on freelancing, I felt ready.So I made a pilgrimage to

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Freelancing grand designs

The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. ~ Robert BenchleyMoving to Amsterdam has involved a whole lot of lifestyle change - and not just because I now

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Recruited to the Ministry of Stories

Volunteering always seems like a good idea in principle, but finding the right place to do it - the place that matches up with my attributes and interests and has schedules - has not proved easy, historically. Then I found the Ministry of Stories.Inspi...

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