Christmas holidays need snow, a long journey, egg nog, and family time to really feel like a holiday. I think. Although it also works if you opt for sunshine and adventure.

Fortunately, like an elf specializing in toys for boys and girls, we’ve come through with a little something special that works for everybody.

From a touchdown in the tinsel-encrusted Hollywood Hills to re-encounter friends old and new, and an extra day to see Conan celebrates the Yule season (HINT: Straight Up), through to a trip into the shimmering expanse of desert that rests outside the big-city sprawl of LA, we’ve got SoCal sunshine covered.

Weather permitting.

And coast too. A pleasantly restrained and free-spirited up the coastal ribbon of road is also a chapter.

And this is only part one. We’re going to write the rest as we go, but all the elements of true holiday classic: drama, comedy, characters, adventure, family foibles, joyful reunions – they should be covered.

At least that variety is what we’re packing for.