The chance to ring in my birthday with friends red wine and profiteroles looking up at the colloseum made all my apprehensions about my birthday and so on, just fade into the background. As midnight rolled around and it became the 31st, and I became 28, I enjoyed the sight of the nearly 2,000 year old colloseum, with a group of good folks. Also while we were there and going to the club we picked up some cute Swedish girls who came out to party with us. It was fun, and it sounds like it should’ve been a wild dirty party, but it wasn’t really. However it was a good time.

Before dessert and before dinner we checked out The 7 Kings of Rome. Akll in all a pretty good piece of work. Uneven acting, but a funny comedy and a concept well executed. If you want to do comedy acting in Rome, make it relevant to the history. And mine mine mine the nearly three thousand years of source material. As The Miracle Players have done.