Yesterday was spent in an environment I haven’t been in a while: a theatre workshop. I was studying the classic Italian theatrical form of Commedia dell’Arte with Mitch Mitchelson a heavyset Londoner with a disarming ease about him, and a tendency to reference obscure film and theatre productions as verbal footnotes.

The workshop was supposed to be a full weekend, but after a train fire at Waterloo Station in London Mitch was only able to come out for Sunday. It was a full day of physical theatre trainng with references to the commedia form, and the roots of physical comedy were traced back to their origins, or conversely travelled forward in time to Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Monty Python, and so on.

For me it was an opportuinity to rediscover and share with others my dormant “actor/theatre guy” identity. It also hooked me into the very busy English Language theatre community here. In fact I’ve got some auditions coming up and what looks like ample opportunity to get involved.

The sour note was my exploratory overtures regarding improvisational theatre fell flat. I had hoped at least to muster some logistical and personnel support for some upcoming improv auditions I’m hoping to hold, and to suss out opportunities for me to teach improv. The ‘twain did not meet. However, I expect to be around the Warehouse Studio Theatre somewhat regularly in the weeks and months to come, and we’ll see what happens.

But for now, I can practice my lazzis and broad physical comedy as I start a full week of wearing my “Young Communications Professional” mask. For now it seems ill-fitting, but I’m sure will grow more comfortable with time. I can also continue dusting off my “Theatre Afficionado” mask.