Communications training

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As a communications generalist – and a specialist in improv and writing – Ryan can help you and your business improve the ways you interact with the world and with each other. (If you’re looking for improv workshops, they’re here.)

Training sessions can take place in large groups, small teams or even one-on-one.

Communication training

  • Presentation training – Poorly delivered presentations have less impact. Well delivered presentations get results. But there is no single way to do this; different presentation styles work for different people and in different contexts. This session equips you and your team with some tools and tricks to create and deliver successful, persuasive presentations.
  • Writing training – Poor writing is such a broad complaint as to be almost meaningless. This session can be tailored to focus on fundamentals, tone of voice, clarity, structure, storytelling, or persuasive language, whichever is most applicable to your organisation. People learn best by doing, so the writing training is hands-on and practical, using people’s real everyday writing to build their confidence and creativity.
  • Storytelling   They say that ‘great stories happen to the people who can tell them’. This session will help you become one of those people. Being able to recognize a story – and the story structure – and being able to build it into an actual engaging narrative can be the difference between getting what you want and not getting anything at all. But how does a good idea become a great idea? By being honed and shaped, and being invested in it. Whether for a product, a short story, or a recipe, this session will help participants learn how to find ideas, seize them, and find out what ‘the story’ is. Suitable for individuals or small groups.

Applied Improvisation

Applied Improv does just what it suggests: applies improv for use in practical contexts. Developing and harnessing creativity, encouraging groupthink and teamwork, and enriching interpersonal relationships, process and ultimately, results.

Below are some of the workshops I suggest to clients, although topics can be tailored to suit individual needs.

  • Group Improv training – There are a great way to get groups, small or large, together to have some constructive fun. Elements include: interpersonal communication, presentation skills, listening, collaboration, and being ‘in the moment’. Through exercises and activities participants will develop the ability to connect with each other and have fun. Guaranteed to produce creative sparks and deliver strategies to channel innovations into workable ideas. A great way to re-energize a team.
  • The Big Idea – How does a good idea become a great idea? By being honed, developed and built on. Whether for a product, a short story, or a recipe, this session will help participants learn how to find ideas, seize them, and build on them. Individually and in small groups. This session is an exciting way to channel our ideas into workable products (or, just enjoy the process).
  • The Games People Play – Playing games has both positive and negative connotations, and so it should. This fun, interactive and challenging session uses the mechanics of Rock, Paper Scissors and other simple games to help participants understand the principles behind competition and game play in everyday life. Afterwards participants will know how to access their inner competitor (and co-operator), think strategically and put their everyday concerns into proper context and develop strategies to solve them.

In addition to the examples above, sessions can be custom designed to suit your needs. Get in touch if you need more info.