Sounds great, Ryan. Tell me more, please!

OK! Here’s what you get for being part of the launch team:

  • Get a special pre-release copy of the ebook!
  • Get exclusive updates and insights into the book writing and publishing process!
  • Get the warm inner glow that can only come from helping me make the book launch a smashing success!

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What does being on the launch team entail?

Well, it’s pretty easy. Basically, it means you’ll pick up a copy of my new book. And then in addition to that, there are some ways you can help me launch the book. Here are a couple of options.


  • Order yourself a free copy of The Confident Presenter on pre-launch. Read it. Done.

This is already a great help to me. Even if you order a free pre-release copy. That’s great, thank you all-star!


  • Order a copy of The Confident Presenter during the pre-launch. Leave an Amazon review on Launch Day.

Note: My goal is to get 20 reviews on launch day and 50 reviews during launch week. That’s a lot. And there’s a reason for this: getting lots of reviews tells the Amazon algorithm to show the book to more people who might be interested, and it helps the book get found. Plus, for people looking for the book, reviews help them make an informed purchase.

*I’m looking especially for reviews on Launch Day, but if that doesn’t work, I’m also very happy to receive reviews during the whole Launch Week!


  • Order a copy of The Confident Presenter during the pre-launch. Leave an Amazon review on Launch Day.
  • Promote the book on your social channels. So post a picture of you reading the book on Instagram, or share your glowing review on LinkedIn. Or go old school and just recommend the book to a friend.


  • Order a copy during the pre-launch. Leave an Amazon review on Launch Day. Then, help me promote it.

Know a journalist or podcaster who might be interested in an article or interview? Know a company that might like a keynote or workshop? Let me (and them) know! Feel like organizing a Zoom or in-person reading and book signing? Want to get your book club to put it on their agenda? Let. Me. Know!

What’s the book about?

Great question! The Confident Presenter is a no-nonsense guide to changing your mindset and levelling up so you can take advantage of all the rich opportunities that public speaking has to offer. Get buy-in for your ideas, connect better with others, and strengthen your ability to exert influence on the world. 

Inside, you’ll discover how to:

  • Channel your nervousness into excitement
  • Use body language and facial expressions to support your message
  • Make use of vocal techniques to land your points
  • Get more out of story, imagery and other rhetorical techniques 
  • Create compelling openings and closings
  • Handle your Q&A like a boss
  • Present with confidence and make an impact

Learning to speak confidently and persuasively can become your most powerful asset. So, it’s time to get over the fear and dread, unlock your potential, and become a Confident Presenter. 


Ryan Millar is a writer, improviser, and public speaking coach who lives in Amsterdam. He’s passionate about helping people transform their relationship with public speaking and improve how they present themselves. His first book, on the craft of improvisation, is called TAKE IT EASY: And More Tips for the Dedicated Improviser. He hosts the Remote Pep Talks podcast, is the dad of two little kids, and has recently been skateboarding again (a little bit).