A multitude of adjectives to enrich the nouns. Whip ornate vocab and hyperbole in the blender of your mind’s eye. Outpour the rich creamy ‘copy’, and slather onto product. Do not overkill. Slather judiciously. Discretion is the better part of copy. These products may be so fresh you yourself covet it like freshly baked bread, or your neighbor’s wife. Others may be so frankly embarassing you hope it fails, for fashion’s own sake. And some may be so plain you don’t know what to say. None of this is important; treat all with an unwavering eye. Like a frickin’ laser.

In the end it is more enjoyable than most anything else I could be doing, and still reasonably hope to get paid for. And it’s creation. Writing. The craft. I am available for more of this work. Call me.