Crisis Averted

SO i’ve got tickets to the World Cup. Awesome! Brazil vs. Croatia. The unawesome news is that those tickets are in Vancouver Canada. And I’m not. At my old apartment.
But I managed to get in touch with the courier company and got some old fashioned friendly helpful Canadian service: the first woman was curious how I ended up in Italy from Vancouver. The next guy wanted to know who my pick was for the World Cup. He agreed that Brazil Croatia was a good choice, because South american games don’t end 0-0.

And to boot, they’re re-routing those precious tickets back to a place where they can end up in my mitts, so I can see the game when I go to Germany.

Good news. (though I don’t have the tickets in my hands yet, the optimismeter has inched up some points).

2006-05-05T15:40:00+00:00May 5 2006|