Back from Germany and back to work. Not as good as being in Germany because: A) I’m not on holiday and B) People here aren’t as football mad as the ones in Germany. If they were, they’d A) Be in Germany, or B) Be like me and wish they were.
Anyway the Vatican was so crowded I lined up for a total of an hour and a half between St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum. In fact there was so much line-up to be had I missed Argentina’s entire 6 nothing thrashing of Serbia Montenegro. To make matters worse the captain of my fantasy team was playmaker Juan Riquelme (“The New Maradona.”) Great, right? No. He netted me exactly .5 points. Times that by 2 for his captaincy and he netted me 1 point. Shitbag.

Anyway, I watched the highlights and Argentina looks very very good. And hungry. The 6 nothing margin was convincing to say the least. Bravo boys. And of course there is the requisite pity for Serbian Montenegran victims of the drubbing.


Missed only the end of this game. And saw a very even and wide-open match. The bad news is the Ivory Coast won’t advance and will have to play their final match without superstar Didier Drogba who got into foul trouble. I forgot to wear my new Bavaria beer dutch fan overall shorts. But that’s just as well, because I wasn’t cheering that hard for the Netherlands.


Missd this game in it’s entirety, but stayed in blackout at Chiara’s Aunts birthday dinner. We watched the second half when we got home and it turned out to be a nil nil draw, so I wasn’t that disappointed to miss the first half. The draw means that Angola or Mexico could qualify second in the group. I was falling asleep by the end of this one.