Today is Day 100 it’s early evening and I’m preparing to go out to the 100 Days to Make Me a Better Person Event. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about the conclusion of this project, because it’s not over yet.

1. The project has been building steadily to this event, so afterwards I’ll be better able to assess the project overall.

2. I haven’t completed my ‘ups yet. Josie requested that we save our tasks so we can all do them together tonight. I was a little nervous about doing all my piecemeal and belaboured physical exertions tonight in a public forum, so I compromised. I did my 100 sit-ups this morning, and will do my press-ups tonight.


Day 92: Did not ‘up. Instead, I moved, the carrying of boxes and furniture and stuff into a van and car and up four flights of stairs serving instead as my activities.

Day 93: Did not ‘up. I was too tired from all the moving and packing and lifting and IKEA trip and the whole experience of changing flats and dealing with landlords and other such excuses to be anything other than exhausted. I got down, but not up.

I also thought missing a couple days would round out my experience – I would experience everything, including not sticking to it entirely. For a more complete total experience, so I told myself.

Day 94: Sprung out of bed, and did my first set of ‘ups in the new flat. I also missed the bed from our old flat, where I could just hook my toes underneath and get going on my sit-ups. The lack of carpet didn’t help either. But I was so full of piss-and-vinegar I just barreled through them.

DAY 95: Did not barrel through the ‘ups. But I did them. I think. I lost count of the repetitions – I think I started with 41 sit-ups and 28 press-ups, and just got confused from there. Did approximately 95 – possibly. I learned that simple arithmetic is more of a factor in my project than I’d previously thought.

DAY 100:
The last day, the final event. Really excited about tonight. My first set of public press-ups since elementary school gym class.