Day 20 means I got 20 push ups and 20 sit ups done and on my way to making myself a better person.

I think it’s working!

A couple noteworthy days.

Day 12: After getting a dozen ‘ups done, I went to a drop-in yoga class with Chiara. I think I did alright; I held good to my promise not to fart.

However, some days later, I dreamt that I failed a yoga drop-in class. In addition to the fact that I doubt this is possible, I found out by receiving back some written work, on which I received 69%!

I don’t know how they score written yoga tests, but where I come from scoring almost 70% is not a fail.

Anyway, I’ll try and do better.

Day 17: Was tough. Possibly because it came after a hectic Day 16, in which I had class, then a meeting, then raced home from school to pick up my football gear and hustle across town to find out I wasn’t 15 minutes late for indoor football. I was 45 minutes early.

And then I played my little heart out, running up and down the gymnasium. Getting sweaty and tired. I did not feel like doing 17 ‘ups the next morning. But I did anyway.

Day 19: I’m writing an article on the project, which means I’m doing some interviews. Day 19 I interviewed Eddie Ross who, besides being a great interview, is doing a poignant and honest comic-a-day called 100 tiny moments from my past, present, and future. Great. And there’s lots more interesting projects at the Hundred Days website.

BIG NEWS: I’m going to start touring other themes from the project. This was actually organiser Josie Long’s idea. I’m gonna jump on it and make my 20s about (in addition to ‘upping) Haikus.

They will likely be topical haikus about my day, but I will try and sprinkle them with poetic, seasonal references. I’ll wrap them up at the end, but here’s today’s to get started.

Holiday travel
Mean sardines in cold airports
Long lineups (or queues)