I’m still pressing and sitting up to become a better person. I’m 3/5 of the way done. For a look back at the beginning, check here.

I’m starting to see some changes. That is, I think I’m becoming buffer. I’m hoping that this is my shortcut to a Ben Stiller-esque career of making jokes and showing off my taut, muscular chest. Muscles and jokes is a sure-fire comedy goldmine.

And I’ve almost got the muscles.

But at what cost?

I’m dreading more and more the point in my morning when I need to press and sit up. Although, the other muscle I’m developing is my very English stiff upper lip, so it’s actually less dread, and more weary resignation.

Highlight Days:

To be honest, the days are all kinda blending into one another in terms of the ‘upping. In fact the thirties will be remembered as the decade when I had trouble remembering what day it was. (This applies mostly just to this event).

Although I guess it was around Day 32 that, in a moment of impulsive machismo, I tried to flip right from sit ups into press ups. It was, to date, the only time I needed to take a break during my sit ups. From here it was easy to accept Chiara’s suggestion of a break between my ‘ups.

General highlight: I think Chiara is really starting to dig it. I did forty sit-ups this afternoon (no stopping) and she came over to where I was collapsed on the carpet to dole out some fond (proud? admiring? horny?) kisses. I like this unforeseen side effect.

As for the press ups: Today I got 25 done. Had to stop for about a twenty count, and then did the other 15. This need for a mid-pressing pause first happened at about day 35 (though, if I’m being totally honest, I took a couple breaks before then too). I’m hoping that by Day 100 I’ll be able to do say, 85 press ups, then take a short break, and finish with the last 15. We’ll see.

One more thing:
This event next week, featuring she-behind-the-100 Days event Josie Long.

(That link goes to the website of Eddie Ross, who is a hundred dayer, doing a brilliant comic. I also had the pleasure of interviewing him for the arts feature I wrote on the event, which I’m trying to get published. IN PRINT).