Jon Bon Jovi said it best:

“Whooaaaaa-ooooh, we’re halfway the-eere.”

It’s been awhile since the lyrics and soaring emotive power of a glam rock chorus has had so much relevance to my personal life.

It fact it’s been four days.

Friday night I blasted Journey’s ‘The Final Countdown‘ for Chiara as we raced through the final formatting edits of her essay, deadline looming. Sometimes a little cock rock is just what the situation calls for.

Like now, we’re literally halfway there with the Hundred Days project.

It feels good.

Some notes:

I’ve hit a wall with the press ups. I always need to take a break in the mid thirties (I try and keep this break to just a quick ten-count). I have yet to break through this wall. But I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to forty press ups without pause sometime in the next ten-days.

On the Day 40 check in I was feeling pretty proud of myself and my muscularizing physique, then last week Cristiano Ronaldo comes along with a whole slew of underwear ads. That asshole has an impressive physique.

If ever I needed proof that he was a prick, his rock-hard abs staring out from the page, mocking my own efforts at self-improvement, put him beyond the pale.

Apparently he does 3,000 sit ups a day, making my own efforts look futile and useless. Although quite frankly I think that’s going a bit far, that guy needs to chill.

However, that’s not to say I was entirely inactive on the hanging-around-in-my-underwear front. While that douchebag was getting paid bags of cash to lay around in his pants, on Day 41 I kept it real by taking the tube in my underwear.

This was as a participant in the London No Trousers Event. Part of the global No Pants Day.

Anyway, halfway to One Hundred.

It’s time to rock out, because it’s all uphill from here.

PS: Apparently I’ve already done 1275 ‘ups. Thanks to whomever at Hundred Days counted ’em.