I got my ‘ups done today, as I have done everyday for the past 79 days, but I can’t say I was that enthusiastic about it.

My enthusiasm for the Hundred Days project goes undiminished, as does my belief in the awesomeness of my pledge. However, when it comes time to climb out of bed, crawl onto the carpet and start ‘upping, I feel some dread. Although the dread is mixed with weary resignation and augmented by a sense of duty.

But hey, I only have twenty more days to go, and then I can choose the number of ‘ups I want to do, and how often I want to do them. I’m thinking 60, 2-3 times a week, but am open to suggestions.


DAY 72: This is the day I really started changing my approach. From Day 1 to Day 60-something, and even beyond, I have been trying to keep all my ‘ups together – first to do them all at once, then, when that seemed physically impossible, to at least do them all in one session. TodayI did 32 ‘ups in the morning, went to class, bought some groceries, came home, and then did the remaining forty. I don’t feel that this system is an improvement, but it manages to make the ‘upping less daunting.

DAY 75: As part of plagiarism week, I wrote a short story based on the result of a click on the wikipedia random article link.

DAY 77: Another plagiarist effort, I got my Facebook Cull on.

DAY 79: Went to the Battersea Arts Centre and met up with a whole bunch of Hundred Days comrades. Drinks, laughs, chats and general cheer was the result.

The point is: I’m loving everything about the project. The part I love least is doing all of those press-ups and sit-ups. But after they’re done I do enjoying flexing in front of the mirror and/or my wife.