Next week I’ll be extending my streak of Wednesdays at London Improv to ‘two’.

This time though, there will be no competition. The Miller will become your Happy Place – a night of comedy that may just solve many of your deep-rooted psychological issues. And we’ve specially crafted this, our second special event, to be as special as we could make it. We have succeeded. Click through to see the lineup.

First the hurricane of comedic bottled lightning the ‘Hugely enjoyable’ (Timeout) Horse & Louis do some major dicking about, and also welcome a host of top-notch comedy acts:

  • Loaded Laftas Finalist 2011 Tom Toal, who Stephen K Amos describes as ‘F**king Hilarious’ 
  • London’s finest pizza-based sketch comedy Quattro Formaggio and their ‘Life affirming and buoyant’ (Three Weeks) examination of life in the suburbs 
  • The ‘sheer comic gold’ (Metro) of character comedian Dave McNeill who will romp some ‘mesmerising’ (Time Out) personae-driven hilarity all over the stage

And then, to administer a dose of improvised comedy love, your favourite Cornish-Canadian improvised comedy duo Marbles has been broken down into its constituent parts and then reassembled with the Haroldic stylings of 8Bit and Katy Schutte (The Maydays, Silly String Theory) to create an unbeatable delta force of long-form improvisation.

Using nothing but mere ideas they will create a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. Like a roundhouse of poetry right in your pleasure centre.

If that sounds like something you would enjoy than you should definitely come. If it doesn’t I don’t know how to help you.