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Super Bowl Downgraded to More Realistic “Decent Bowl”

Something to celebrate for people who enjoy football, but may not call themselves fanatics: the adjective level of this years’ NFL Bowl Game has been downgraded from “super” to “decent.”

The reasons, according to NFL spokesperson Ken ‘Big Ken’ Tomlinson, are threefold: “The surge in Iraq is working, that Michael Vicks really f—ed our image, and we’re experiencing a knock-on effect from the Mitchell Report.”

For those, like the NFL, who thrive on an artificially-inflated adjectival assessment of the bowl game, the consequences may be dire. However, the truth will out.

Recent advancements in scientific technology have allowed objective rankings of the adjective level of the bowl game for the last three seasons. However, this years’ edition is the first to be anything but “super.”

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