A girl flips into a pool.

I’ve been on holiday in Italy for a few weeks. Here’s a selection of things I’ve done:

– Gone hiking in Monte Pana
– Gone swimming in pools and the sea
– Taught nursery rhymes to my children
– Ate lengthy sit-down meals with friends and extended family
– Chatted with my wife about issues both important and unimportant

– Spoken a lot of Italian
– Had a fair few morning (and afternoon) espressos

It’s been great. Like, really great.

Of course, I’ve occasionally felt like I should be doing MORE. Like I should be taking advantage of this downtime by being productive and tweaking my book marketing, or doing client outreach, or outlining and drafting the books and courses I have lined up for the second half of the year.

But that would defeat the purpose. Instead, I’ve done a pretty good job of just taking a break. And it feels great. Or at least it has, up until about the last couple days. that’s when I started getting the itch to get back to work.

In fact, I’m looking very much forward to getting back behind my desk next week and preparing some sessions I have lined up for the fall. And putting the pen to paper on some book plans.

Of course, I’m very aware that I’m in a pretty special position. I have the great good fortune of being able to take enough time off — and enjoying what I do so much — that I’m actually looking forward to getting back to it full-time. That’s a phenomenal place to be. And I’m grateful for it, and will continue to work hard as hell on making it a success.

For now, though, I’m going to enjoy the last few days. Taking inspiration from my daughter. Pool time, relaxation and playing Uno.