Ian Usher, a 44 year old Yorkshireman, who lives in Perth Australia, has put his life up on eBay. After the painful breakup with his wife he is selling his house, his job as a rug store assistant (on a trial basis) and his friends (who have all agreed to be introduced to the successful bidder).

Usher plans on walking out his front door with just the clothes on his back – and his wallet in one pocket, passport in the other. Then he’ll head to the airport to grab a ticket for the next plane the fuck out of Heartbreakville.

According to AFP “Usher said the value of the physical assets for sale — including his three-bedroom Perth home, 19-year-old Mazda 929 sedan, a 1986 motorbike and a jetski — was just 450,000 to 500,000 dollars.” That was what he was hoping for – half a million dollars.

Instead the offers are now up around a retarded 2.2 million!!!

That’s awesome for this guy – way to make a clean break, when one door closes another opens, etc. etc. but the real question this all begs is: how the fuck does a rug store assistant get a jet-ski, motorbike, and half a million dollar home? It just seems pretty obscenely awesome, and slightly discordant to me. But anyway, good luck to him.