You should do one thing that scares you every day. Apparently.

I don’t know about that, that might be too often. But it is a good idea to keep yourself from getting complacent. And to keep pushing yourself. So that’s what I’ve been doing lately.

I recently reached out to my mailing list to ask if people had questions they needed help with. I got a good crop of responses, and I’ve been using them to power a new project in a new medium. It’s keeping me busy, and making me, well, maybe not scared, but nervous. It’s pretty personal, and will be quite public.

And just yesterday I thought… “maybe this is a dumb idea. I should scrap it” But then this email from Seth Godin arrived, reminding me that it’s important to do personal work. As he put it “What would happen if instead of taking elements out of our work in order to make the product cheaper, we put things in instead? What if we made it better?”

It was a timely reminder. Keep doing things that are nerve-wracking, but push us forward, and add value.