Some of the excellent office detritus I’ve been forced to part with, due to downsizing

Here’s a list of things I’m giving away, free, no strings attached, now that I’ve moved into an open plan office space and have unpacked the boxes into which I threw all the contents of my previous office furniture (acquired by myself and previous occupants):

o Seven Dictaphone tapes, in handy carrying case (possibly used, possibly not)
o Three Cyprus travel guides (two French, 1 English)
o Box of dry erase markers. BONUS: bottle of whiteboard cleaning fluid!
o CDs: Slovenian Christmas music, assorted unlabelled unrewritable discs (possibly blank)
o Season 1 of Jericho on 6 DVDs (first option is to Shane, who lent them to me)
o The offical ETSI Deliverables 4Q 2006 on DVD-ROM, unopened
o Grab-bag of highlighters (various colours) and ballpoint pens. Includes a measuring tape and one set of disposable chopsticks (unused)
o Commemorative shoulder-bag from European Business Summit, 2007 with unused blank day planner
o Small box of highlighters, and dry erase markers, including one ballpoint pen and a set of mini-tongs
o Assorted A4 plastic sleeves
o 2 padded envelopes, A4 size
o Two glass paperweights, one square the other circular (set)
o Post-it notes
o Paperclips: 10 small, 2 large
o Heavy ornamental knick-knack for hanging or use as giant keychain
o Assorted other ‘mystery gifts’ (limit 10 per person)

Just swing on by my desk and help yourself, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

UPDATE: Sorry commenters, after sending out this as a tongue-in-cheek intraoffice email I received an overwhelming (and very surprising positive response). There were many colleagues who came by and to whom I managed to pawn off an awful lot of stuff. It’s true what they say about ‘One man’s junk being another’s treasure’. The offical ETSI Deliverables 4Q 2006 on DVD-ROM, unopened, is however still available.
(I still think I could probably find a couple ballpoint pens for though Birdie. And there’s definitely some highlighters).
NB: It’s interesting how another persons interest in your junk can spur on a sudden attachment to that piece of junk. My ego’s resistance to this Buddhist exercise, I suppose.