Just the other night my animal-obsessed wife and I were on the way home on the 38 bus and she got pretty excited as we passed ROA‘s beaver and rabbit on Hackney Road. She doesn’t usually get all that excited about street art. But big beautiful animal paintings are loved by all creatures great and small. And great news: there are quite a few of his eye-catching creatures dotted around Shoreditch and Hackney.

The very next day I read some bad news: Hackney Council wants to paint over the rabbit. They are calling it “a blight on the environment.” But they’re wrong. Tell them so.

I was signature 158, two days later it’s up to almost 900. But it’s going to take lots more to save the work. So sign the petition, and do it now.

From The Guardian article: “The building’s owners had granted the artist permission to create the piece, but they have been served with a removal notice by Hackney council, warning that unless they “remove or obliterate the graffiti” within 14 days, a council contractor will paint over the wall and charge them for the service.”

This could be the beginning of a horrible trend. Let’s not start down that path.