Next week I’ll be giving a lecture (of sorts) entitled Life and Death at Sea. It will be an ideal opportunity to: learn about the risks and rewards of tempting a watery grave; hear of the creatures real and imagined who populate Davy Jones Locker; and discover the full title of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Among other stuff.

These are things that I’ve not only been researching, but am prepared to educate the public on, possibly using a very authoritative and professorial tone. Or my pirate voice. Or both.

This edifying talk, is my contribution to the very cool Camden School of Enlightenment. An event that features microlectures, poems, stories, stand-up, and songs.

The next installment of the night (which occurs regularly on the second Tuesday of each odd-numbered month) is Tuesday, 11 January 2011.

Other smart and entertaining guests include Fran Isherwood, Jon Stone, and Racker Donnelly.

As always it will be at the Camden Head. And it’s free. Be smart and come get enlightened.