How was the weather on our beach holiday?… To give you an idea, here’s a list of the films we watched while curled up in bed.

Below is the list of DVDs, and a one sentence synopsis of each film. As you might expect, there are spoilers.

  • Prizzi’s Honor: Hitman falls in love with, marries, kills, hitwoman.
  • Does This Mean We’re Married?: American stand-up marries then falls in love with artsy Parisien.
  • Far From Heaven: Woman develops feelings for her black gardener in 1950’s Hartford. Her husband’s gay.
  • Around the World in 80 Days: Unflappable English gentleman bets he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days, does.
  • The Millionairess: Spoiled bitch marries Gandhi-esque doctor.
  • Run Fat Boy Run: Loser runs a marathon.
  • The Big Sleep: Detective solves a very complicated inter-related web of crimes; the heiresses did it.
  • The Maid: Gordon Gekko moves to Paris, becomes a likable maid and falls in love.
  • A River Runs Through It: Two boys and their father love fly fishing. They grow up and one dies, the other gets old.
  • Bewitched: Remake of the TV show in which they are remaking the TV show. In the end, the movie reality is just like the TV show.
  • What I Should Have Said Was Nothing: Guy tells stories and jokes to an audience.

Most of these films were good and a couple were even great. But that’s beside the point: beach holidays aren’t really for watching a truckload of movies. That’s what happens when Normandy weather and poor planning intersect.

In fact, there was some pleasant weather, and I did manage a dip in the ocean. We also did some driving around the coast and some soaking up of la vie de Normandie, but it just wasn’t the beach holiday we were looking for.

Why did we go to Normandy for a beach holiday? I don’t have a good answer for that. But I do have a review…

  • Beach Holiday in Normandy: Instead of hanging out at beach, married couple spend most of their time watching films in bed. Some excellent moments, but ultimately unsatisfying.