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Hosting IMPRO Amsterdam 2015. PHOTO: Seth Carnill

Events & Shows

Ryan creates, produces, hosts and performs in cultural events and comedy shows. He does this for himself, and for clients.


Current events

The Big Ideas ShowThis is a brand new comedy chat show in which Ryan and co-host Rob Allen tackle scientific and philosophical ideas, to help us all make sense of the world. Each episode has an array of guests and explores a new topic. Past topics include Space, Animal Kingdom, Witchcraft & Wizardry, and Artificial Intelligence. Season 3 begins January 2016.EU40_BATTLE_FOR_YOUR_VOTE_3x800

My True Story – Ryan hosts and curates this true storytelling night, held on the second Friday of every month at Mezrab (Veemkade 572 D Amsterdam).

Themeprov Fridays – These are monthly improv events at Mezrab. They are curated and hosted by Ryan.

For one-off events and special occasions, see the listings section on the homepage.