Our impending speculative move to Amsterdam is getting closer and closer. To whit, I started looking at some job postings in Holland, to see what would come up, get a feel for the market. I found one posting I liked, looking for a poorly paid intern (but paid, which is important) at Expatica.nl, a Dutch magazine for expats. It has an online and print presence and is a well-traveled source for expat info and news. They were seeking a communications and promotions intern. Sounded like valuable work experience in the communications field, which I liked, in the expat community, in which I dwell, in a fun and relaxed environment, which got me excited in a fun and relaxed way. Only problem was: the application period had expired Friday, and it was now Sunday evening. So I dashed off a resume and apologetic note.

The next morning I received a phone call from Expatica.nl. Unfortunately no, I couldn’t come in for an interview that day. But the guy was nice, the job sounded good, and at least now I have a connection at expatica. And just as importantly, if not more so, I earned a little confidence about job prospects in Holland, and not only prospecting for these job vacancies, but being in contention to fill them. Because somebody was interested in hiring me. In fact, the first one I applied for…

There’s always hope.

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