So, I’m typing this without my glasses on. That means recovery from elcetive corrective eye surgery is proceeding nicely. IT also means that positive results were achieved, as in, I can see without glasses. This was something I sure couldn’t do before, not since I was8 or 9.

Man, it’s awesome.

However the first three days after the surgery weren’t wo awesome, I laid in bed feeling as if someone had their fingers jammed in my eyes, or alternately an eyelash in my eye, the whole while my eyes tightly shut. Iy wasn’t immense pain, more like an itch you can’t scratch. But, the bordom was staved off (no reading!) by listening to fantastic internet radio, that means old time CBS Mystery Hour, some BBC fiction and comedy, and Children’s tales.

And then, on day 3, I opened my eyes. And it’s been uphill since then. But of course, I still can’t see very well, because A, my vision was so bad before it was impossible to completely correct it, and B, I haven’t yet got glasses and I won’t see clearly until I do..