If you’re wondering what’s up on the fashion zone here in Italy, just remember: nothing, i mean nothing is too much. But for specifics, i’ve been trend spotting.
All summer long it was hip to rock sunglasses approximately half the size of your face. I’ll admit my sunglasses got a little bigger over here, but nothing like the novelty style sunglasses the truecool rocks.

Anyway, lately i’ve been spotting this, so just keep it in mind, if you’re looking to make a splash somewhere.

Short ties.
Seriously, take a regular tie, give it a big knot and have it reach down to about your nipples. Throw on the rest of your fancy gear and head off to work.

It still hasn’t trickled down mainstream, but it’s about to.

If I was a “coolhunter” i’d have made some cool coin for this observation, but here I go, handing it out for free. Knowledge is power, wear a short tie.