I was in Firenze on the weekend with Chiara. Also known as Florence. It rained the whole fucking time.

That seems to be a bit of recurring occurence on our holidays, I feel like Clark Griswold.

But Florence was fantastic just the same. It was the cradle of the Renaissance, though you probably knew that.

I teach about the Renaissance on a regular basis, as a tour guide in Rome. Rome is only 1.5 hours on the train from Florence and I’ve lived here for 1.5 years. It was really time to get to Florence.

I’m glad we did.

We had some nice meals, a nice B & B, and I got to see the works of art in the Uffizi that I wanted, Michelangelo’s tomb in the chirch of Santa Croce, and of course, the David.

In other circumstances I’d have really liked to rip it up and suck it in. Get my Florence on in a serious way, but for now I was happy to do it like an overcomitted backpacker: a 2 day whirlwind of checking things off my list. which isn’t to say that I wasn’t moved by the works there: the David? What an awe-inspiring testament to the power of genius and dedication. The Leonardo da Vinci exhibit in the Uffizi was incredible as well: a chance to glimpse the insatiable intellect of that mental giant. I love also that they knew each other, and also didn’t like each other. What a debt of gratitude art-lovers owe to the individual ego.

I feel in the end a sense of relief; I thought I may just leave Italy without getting to see Florence. Instead I got to drink deep of it, short but sweet.