Yesterday, not necessarily what you’d call a big day, with a noticeable absence of extablished football powers, but perhaps some up-and-comers, and Spain, ol’ sweet Spain, well they look set to finally bring some ruckus to international competition.


Didn’ get to watch this game because I was at work. But that’s not suck a problem because I didn’t anticipate it to be that fantastic. NBut as the saying goes “The worst day watching football beats the best day at work.” That holds true for all football matches, except of course the USA Italy debacle. Togo has been the story of the world cup for their distracted play and their focus on getting players bonuses. Coach Otto Pfister quit, three days before the World Cup, then unquit, and the players threatened to not play the game today until the received their comeuppance. They kinda did. From Switzerland. I don’t support with holding their player bonuses, because they deserve them. But energy should be expended on playing football in the World Cup, while you’re there.


Woo hoo Ukraine! From written off also rans just a few days ago when they got thrashed 4-0 by SWpain, Shevchenko and the boys step up and hammer the Saudis. Granted the Saudi’s aren’t the strongest side at the World Cup, but Ukraine, and Shevchenko in particular did very well for themselves. Salvaging some dignity with the scoreline, as well as a possible ticket to the next round. Right now they sit in second, with a match against Tunisia left to play. Don’t write Tunisia off, but Ukraine will be pumped after this handy victory.


Tunisia was winning 1-nil at the half. Then Spain handed them their walking papers. Three straight goals. Two by the one they call El Nino. AN appropriate nickname for one making a strong case for himself as Young Player of the tournament. He’s now got three goals, and I forgot to pick him for my Fantasy Team. Seriously, I was going to. Shit. Anyway, Spain is looking sharp. Chiara and I watched most of this game at home. I opted out of the Ukraine Saudi match to earn boyfriend bonus points for this match. Regardless, the bigger my football fever gets, the sicker Chiara gets of the damn thing.

Still, she’s being a great sport about it. Bt my drive to watch every single match of the World Cup tries even my own patience.

I won’t be watching both of tonights matches Sweden England and Trinibago Paraguay, because they’re played at the same time. Just Sweden-England for me. I’m excited about it, but I’ve got the feeling it’ll be a slow rhythm-free game with plenty of whistles. Here’s hoping it’s otherwise. Anyway, both Sweden and England are going through. This si just to decide the order.