Imperfect though it is, the prodigal Flunky took some tentative steps into the limelight of the projector light. And it was good.

As you may know, my friend Bernardo Camisao (who is a film-maker) and I (who is also a film-maker) have been collaborating on a short black film called Flunky. As the poster suggests, it is darkly humourous.

The film was screened last night for some of the cast and crew. The event took place at a little bar called The Crazy Donkey.

This was the first public showing, and it was not the final version. It is by no means perfect – sound quality was bad, sound levels were off, some shots still need to be tightened up etc… But still, after months of hibernation and long hours of editing (on Bernardo’s part) we brought our baby out to be inspected and cuddled by some of the family.

They were pleased and proud, as they rightly should be. We all were.

And as our little piece of cinema grows up to become a fully grown short film, it develops the trappings of adulthood.

Where once there was a blog, there is now a website.

The website, like the film, is also growing and developing. Pounds of respect to Krensky for masterminding and delivering that. We’re working on some more stuff for it, so it’s a work in progress.

By the way, he’s Australian, but he lives in Toronto now. I hope Toronto makes him feel more welcome than he already does. Do it, T.O., do it.

And the poster you see above is missing all the credit-y things on the bottom that are part of film posters, but it’s still slick as all anything. Creative, representative, and inspired by the film, and striking. The kind of hotness you would expect from Shortcut Kid.

Expect more news on this project here, and also here.