A project is born.

I wrote a short comedy sketch, that has since blossomed into a real live, no-budget film project. This film project is known as Flunky, and it has it’s own blog, of which I am the happy blogger. The shooting of this 15 minute short film is this upcoming weekend. At the helm is Bernardo, my co-producer and director, who is really responsible for ramping this up to the ‘actual’. His script notes are excellent, and I imagine he’ll direct the shit out of us actors as well.

This process is alot of work, and alot of learning, and alot of nerves about this weekends shooting. We’re now a cast and crew of thirty. I’m panicking (with anticipation) and we’re still a week away.

I will continue mentioning this exciting thing, but if you’re planning on becoming a Flunky newsjunkie, you should pay attention to http://www.flunkythefilm.blogspot.com/, because that’s where the film stuff has it’s own dedicated blog. And one more thing you should check is the logo design for the company that is the focus of the film: “Solutions Labour Solutions”.
I know, it’s awesome. The Shortcut Kid strikes again!