Home again home again snoozety snooze.

I left Vancouver on Saturday evening and arrived back in Rome on Monday morning. That’s about the speed of an ocean liner, minus the elegance.

However, I didn’t mind a bit because this leg of my journey I came prepared.

On my flight to Vancouver I thought I’d be covered for the long 14 hour flight by taking some melatonin, the herbal sleep enhancer. However, the unfortunate side effect of melatonin is that once awake one feels well rested and alert. That’s usually not a problem, however, after our departure from London Gatwick I awoke feeling well rested and alert somewhere over Manchester which meant I endured the duration of the flight (all 13 hours of it) wide awake, watching tiny movies. Trying unsuccessfully to sleep, switching seats three times.

Fuck this, I thought, and for the return trip I scooped a couple gravols into my mouth and washed them down with some NyQuil. Too easy. Every time I woke up I’d have another swig of NyQuil and I woke up right in London, feeling fantastic. As a bonus, any cold or flu symptoms I may have had were also gone.

I even had time in London, thanks to my 12ish hour layover, to head over to Highbury, to enjoy a curry and some beers with the mighty DFS and his bird Jo. A small apartment, but delicious curry (my first London curry) and though the apartment was small, certainly smaller than Gatwick, it was way more enjoyable than rotting in the airport.

After keeping them up until two I departed. Hopped a cab, a train, and then a plane and arrived nice and early back in Rome to be greeted by an equally ecstatic Chiara. Then we fucked like bunnies.

Thanks Nyquil!