Today we had a celebratory breakfast at work. Jam, croissants, juice, rolls, fruit salad. It’s the thought that counts.

It was to congratulate ourselves for getting ISO 9001 certification of our office. ISO 9001 is a whole bunch of protocols and frameworks and thingies, and procedures, and other stuffs that ensure a productive efficient easily understandable work environement. I wasn’t here for any of it, but i’ll certainly eat the breakfast.

After breakfast we had a really really long staff meeting to catch up on what each department is doing. I have a sneaking suspicion that quarterly staff meetings of this nature are a very good example of what an organization must do to achieve the ISO 9001 certifcation.

As it was my first staff meeting our Secretary General introduced me (most people know me already, but it was nice nonetheless).

His name is Hermann Ahls, and he’s a tall friendly German man. He looked at me and smiled as he announced in his Germanic English “And Ryan Millar has joined us some months ago. Many of you know him, he is here in the PR department. He is looking after Ruth’s activities. For the time being.”

Thank you sir. They’re happy with me generally. I do good work.
But certainly a reminder that my position is really a long-term temp assignment.